Kids Glasses

You need to know these before buying kids eyeglasses

The number of children who need to wear prescription eyeglasses to correct their nearsightedness or farsightedness keeps on growing during these several years, and myopia is no longer the only vision disease. Many parents and experts believed that these eye problems were caused by improper use of children’s eyes, though our kind-hearted parents told the kids don’t read much too close to their book and do less entertainment activities, such as playing video games or watching TV. Because of their immature eyes, kids eyeglasses still have much effect of correcting their vision problems. However, the problem is that there are so many kids of eyeglasses styles and brands in different number sizes, and it causes a potential confusion in the young parents. Here are some points you should always keep in mind when you are planning to buy a pair of prescription eyeglasses for your child!

The first criterion is always follow the detailed prescription provided by the optometrist, never try to told the optician your kids Rx according to the “memory in your mind”. Actually, not every child needs to wear their kids eyeglasses persistently, some guys just need to use them for writing, reading and looking at the black board in class. Taking off eyeglasses much too often is really not good for vision recovery, so, progressive glasses lenses are widely used in kids eye wears, they don’t need to change their focal points much too often when they need to change they vision from distance to antocular.

Large lens may lead a vision distortion, actually, in the permission of the optician, trying to choose kids eyeglasses lenses as small as possible. However, other factor may also impact the thickness of a lens, such the strong prescription or you need to add a prism, really and truly, the final decision should be made by the optician.

The last point I want to talk about is the lens material of buying kids eyeglasses. We know that kids are really tough on their eye wears, they can totally destroy them during their entertainment, bend them over hard or even sit on them! So, durability is always an important factor which needs to be considered carefully. I suggest you can try polycarbonate ones, it is really a kind of sturdiest material, also known as PC lenses. What’s more, these eyeglasses lenses are also lighter and more scratch resistant than ordinary plastic lenses!