Kids Glasses

The Most Popular Eyeglasses for Children

It becomes obviously that kids may want eyeglass frames with a specific color or brand, such as Fisher-Price, Hush Puppies, Stride Rite, Disney and Marvel Comics appeal to kids of all ages,while, parents generally want something that’s going to last.

They look for kids’ frames with features such as spring hinges and flexible frame materials. For the child who is fast becoming a teenager, eyewear fashion is increasingly important.

Frames for children
Today,designers have taken cool and classic designs that work for adults and scaled them down for kids. Don’t be surprised if your child wants eyeglasses that look a lot like yours. Mini-round frames are intended for babies under 2 years old; and small, oval frames are for children ages 2 to 4. The frames are made with two layers of acetate, so they are soft and flexible on a child’s face. And kids would choose from rectangular, oval or semi-rimless styles. Double bridges are found on boys’ frames, while frames with single bridges are either unisex or strictly for girls. Many designers copy adult styles for children’s glasses frames. Kids may be attracted to these styles because they are more grown-up. It’s not unusual for kids to ask for glasses that look just like Mom’s or Dad’s. A nice feature to look for is temples with spring hinges. Kids are not always careful when they put on and take off glasses, and the spring hinges can help prevent the need for frequent adjustments and costly repairs.

Excellent colors are available
The frames are available in a variety of colours for the other styles include rose, violet, lavender, pink, almond and brown. Playful colors in the collection allow for expression of children’s personalities. Pink and purple colors with floral designs are available for girls, and two-tone blues and greens are offered for boys. Other color combinations include red, brown, khaki and orange. Another fun option is geometric accents on the temples.