Kids Glasses

Order The Most Comfortable Eyeglasses for Your Kids

Nowadays, more and more children are suffering from diverse vision problems. Therefore, it is parents’ duty to select a pair of comfortable for their children. However, the correction of prescriptions and the quality of lenses are extensively considered by parents, what about the frames? Should parents pay attention to eyeglasses frames?

One gentleman said:” In my opinion, high quality lenses are more important. In fact, the quality of frames would not effect kids’ vision. So it is a nonsense to select high -level frames” what a honesty words are these! And another grandma said:” Frames for kids should be highly durability and sturdiness because children are always active that may injured easily”

According the statical analysis, more than 62% parents thought little of choosing suitable frames for kids. Here we are longing for persuading parents to give up such kind of thinks. Frames are not just a frames for holding up lenses, but accessaries for various functions. An professional expert pointed that there are no one manufacturer who endeavors to producing special kids’ frames. Some would choose some smaller frames for prescribing kids’ prescription eyeglasses. Actually these frames are not totally suitable for kids for lacking of structure coordinate which may result in being unable to correct kids’ vision. What is more important is that lenses can not reach the demands of kids’ PD and optical centre. If these demands can not be reached, it will do much harm to kids’ eyesight and brings fatigue and pains for them.

Kids who are less than ten years old would better to choose plastic eyeglasses frames, in case some outdoor activity injures. And these frames are relative cheap. In addition, plastic materials are inadequate to injure soft skins of kids. If your kid has short bridge of nose, you’d better consider the metal frames. Because the nose pads of metal frames are movable. The main function of nose pads is to support frames, but if the frames are too low or too high, it will bring blurred vision.

Then rest eyeglasses on flat surface to check out whether two temples are at different hight or whether these temples are distorted. If there are some problems on temples, you can ask optician for fixing. If so, it may cause lots of pains on ears.

Hope these information will help you choose a pair of comfortable eyeglasses for your kids to protect and correct their vision.