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Kids prescription glasses

“Happy New Year!” I heard the joyful voice coming out from my brother’s room while still in dream. Seconds later, the convivial clump-clump sound rang on the stairs. Then “Wonderful! Skateboard! I like skateboard! Thanks Daddy.” Then the sound mixing with cheer and thanks and clank kept coming to my ears. I waited in bed until finally “Wow! The prescription glasses” popped out. In a second, my nine-year-old brother wearing a pair of cute prescription glasses appeared before my bed. “Thanks, Lily! This is the best New Year gift I have received!” I smiled “As long as you like them”.

I was more than delighted to see him moving around wearing the new prescription glasses. Last month, one day he came back home saying that he wanted a new pair of prescription glasses. Considering that he had been wearing the old prescription glasses for almost a year, Mom agreed. He then told us the kind of prescription glasses he wanted. It turned out that he saw his friends Tom wearing a rather cool and cute pair of prescription glasses today and that he like them so much that he wanted one pair himself. We then took him to the optical stores where Tom had got his glasses, but unfortunately they did not have another pair in store. So we drove around the town’s local optical retailers to find that pair of prescription glasses but not lucky enough. Being a good boy, my brother did not ask for the glasses any more.

In order to cheer him up, I hurried home and googled that type of kid’s prescription glasses. Fortunate for me, I finally found the glasses in one of the online prescription glasses store. It was of a metal frame with a dedicatedly designed leg and spring hinge. It looked cute and beautiful and matched my brother’s face so much. No wander he liked it so much. What’s more exciting was that they were holding promotion activity and this pair of kid’s prescription glasses was on discount. So I could get the glasses at only $32.50, with free regular CR-39 lenses and anti-scratch coating!I placed the order immediately.

Just as I had expected, it surprised my brother. The quality of the glasses was much better than the criterion the price carried. So next time if I wanted to buy prescription glasses, be it rimless, plastic glasses or sports sunglasses, I will surely choose again!