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Kids cheap eyeglasses

Although I had experiences buying eyeglasses for many times, I had no idea of buying discount kids’ eyeglasses. In my eyes, it is very hard to buy a pair of cheap kids’ eyeglass,, because all the parents in the world want to buy the most advanced things to satisfied their little angles in spite of the price. However, I have made up my mind to find a pair of cheap eyeglasses for my daughter.

My daughter asked from me for a pair of eyeglass for herself one day when she came home from school. It turned out that one of her girl classmates wore a pair of very gorgeous kids’ eyeglass. But my daughter’s original eyeglass seemed so ugly compared with that kid’s eyeglasses. Therefore, she wanted me to buy her a pair of fashionable kid’s eyeglass for her. As her dear mother, I had no reason to refuse her. However, when I went to several roadside eyeglass stores asking the price of the kids’ glasseses, I was greatly shocked, for all the kids’ eyeglasses in those stores were very expensive and not very fashionable. Nearly every pair of kids’ eyeglass could make me bankrupt! Fortunately, I had the website one of my friends gave me about one online eyeglass store. Then I immediately went to their web page to have a check. When I clicked the children glasses section, I saw a lot of pictures of fashionable children eyeglasses, which almost made me feel dizzy. Then I began chatting with one of their store assistant about how to pick up one pair of cheap as well as suitable kids’ eyeglass for my little daughter. The assistant responded e in a rather warm and patient way. She told me that there was a lot to be paid attention to when choosing kids eyeglasses since their eyes were very tender and their eyesight was still not stable. If a pair of unsuitable eyeglass was given to a kid, it might probably do harm to her eyes or eyesight. Then she asked my daughter’s face shape and suggested me pick the rectangular lens for her, which could certainly make her more cute and attractive. Also, it is very cheap compared with those in the roadside stores!

I have to admire the assistant of that online store since my daughter loved her pair of kids’ eyeglass very much. And I am also thankful to it, since I bought a pair of very cheap kids’ eyeglass from them!