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Discount kids prescription eyeglasses

Last weekend was my little nephew’s 11-year-old birthday. At first, I was troubled by the problem of what to buy as her birthday present. You know, choosing presents is really a confusing matter. I always want to find something that is both useful and creative to give as present; otherwise, I think the present is meaningless and could not show my sincerity. So I thought carefully about my nephew’s condition. Though she is only 11 years old and still study in primary school, her eyesight is poor because of unhealthy use of the eyes. That is to say, she is near-sighted and has to wear prescription eyeglasses wherever she goes.

Why not give her a pair of prescription eyeglasses as gifts? This idea occurred to me suddenly. I once heard her complaining her prescription eyeglasses dull-looking and uncomfortable to wear. Maybe she needs a pair of prescription eyeglasses.

On this thought, I began to search the internet for information about “kid’s prescription eyeglasses”. I should first know what kinds of prescription eyeglasses suit kids most. From an online optical store I knew that kid’s prescription eyeglasses should have some basic qualities. First of all, kid’s prescription eyeglasses should be safety and durability orientated. As kids tend to do a lot of games and are more careless than adults, we had better choose plastic lenses and frames for them to avoid broken eyeglasses heart their eyes. Second, comfortableness is also of great importance. We must insure that kids are at ease when wearing them. So we should choose eyeglasses made of lighter, thinner materials, such as plastic, stainless steel and titanium. Besides, the nose pads are also matter much, among which silicone nose pads are better choices, for they are much softer and more comfortable to wear.

Apart form the above-mentioned features of good kids prescription eyeglasses, they should also be stylish and fashionable. Now children are also becoming more and more appearance-concerned as adults. Only when they like the prescription eyeglasses, they are willing to wear.

Then I decided to buy a pair of kids’ prescription online because shopping online is really convenient and cheap. I got my nephew’s eyesight prescription from her personal doctor, which is the key point of buying prescription eyeglasses online. On the online server’s professional advice of the net store, I chose a pair of plastic one with artistic design.

Last weekend, when I gave her that pair of eyeglasses, she liked it very much and was really happy. So did I.