Kids Glasses

Buying Kids Glasses

It is hard to be a whole-time worker and a mother; it is even harder when she has to choose a pair of kid’s glasses for her beloved child after work.

Sometimes I kind of feel guilty or at least responsible for my son’s developing near-sighted. I have been busy as an editor for a women’s magazine in our state, which leaves me little time to accompany my son. Therefore, he has been indulged himself in watching a large number of videos and soap operas recently. Consequently, he became near-sighted and was complaining about that he could not see clearly what the teachers were showing on the PPT. Indeed, it greatly annoyed me when I realized that I had to buy him a pair of kid’s glasses, especially when he is still so young and I am always so busy.

After finally got a day off, I took him to a big glass store in the downtown. As far as I know, that store belongs to a big chain store. It is true that that store is big and grand, and there are a lot of customers hustling in it. Then there came the problem: the bad attitude of the clerks. Nearly all the saleswomen just ignored us as if we did not exist! To the other customers, these girls also shouted loudly and impatiently at them. Seeing this, my son was a little scared and could not wait to leave at once. He even said that he would never come to a glass store again. At that moment, I was wondering: isn’t there a good store selling kid’s glasses?

I brought my doubt to my colleagues, and immediately one of my colleagues offered me an idea: buying the kid’s glasses online! It never occurred to me before that I could find a pair of kid’s glasses online. Anyway, I would like to give it a try, since my son vowed not to go to any glass store. One day after dinner, my son and I sat in front of our computer and clicked the website my colleague offered. Appeared in front of our eyes are numerous pairs of glasses for any age groups. Without too much effort, we found a pair of kid’s glasses that fitted my son. Besides, during our choosing the glasses, they offered online service that was very considerate and professional.

Now I will worry no more about my son’s glasses. Buying a kids glasses seems not that hard for a mother by visiting Really hope that every mother and kid can get rid of the worry of buying a pair of kid’s glasses!