Kids Glasses

Buy Sports Glasses to Make Your Kids Safe

When choosing eyeglasses for your child, safety should be your first priority. Children are prone to accidents, both at play and while participating in sports activities. Many children suffer sports-related eye injuries each year, most of which could be prevented by using the proper protective sports glasses. Depending on what kind of outdoor activities your kids participate in you can find the right type for them. You will be able to find sports glasses that are specially designed for kids. They are smaller than regular eyglasses and will give them a comfortable fit.

When choosing the sports glasses, we should take into consideration certain criteria:
 Surrounding where the sport is taking place
 Dynamics of sport. The demands vary if its a speed-based sport or a less dynamic activity
 Weather and light conditions play an important role as well.
 We choose different type of glasses for golf, another for runnig or cycling, different for yachting, skiing, hicking or rock-climbing

Sports glasses meets certain construction criteria. Materials used are very strong, resistant towards mechanical damage, they shouldn’t be subject to exterior influences, such as cold, warmth, water and other. They are also comfortable and not bothering on your face. The lenses themselves have the biggest influence on quality of vision. And some advanced technology are created just for sports glasses.

Polycarbonate is such a safe lens material that you may be tempted to let your child play sports in his regular glasses. Here’s the drawback: although polycarbonate is the lens material used for sports eyewear, regular eyeglass frames do not provide enough protection from large objects such as balls and flying elbows. So if your kid is involved in sports, a proper sports goggle with polycarbonate lenses will provide the most protection against eye injury.

Sports goggles must be fitted properly in order to provide the most protection, so consult with an eye care professional before making a purchase. Although it sounds counter-intuitive, a sports goggle should have a larger vertical eye opening, rather than a smaller one. If an impact should occur and the goggles are pushed toward the face, a large eye opening keeps the impact points far above and far below the eyes. With a small opening, however, the goggle hits right at the edge of the eye socket, which can damage the globe of the eye.

If you want high quality sports spectacles we recommend you to consult them with us. Even though most sports glasses are sold in sports shops, the best advice could be found in stores specialized on optics with professionals, who understand the topic of optics. Welcome to contact us